Taking Stock | June 2016

I can officially say that I have survived not only my first week of living on my own (woo!) but also my first week of Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide Pre-Training! Bonus photos from my walk around town and campus today at the end.

Drinking: As much water as humanly possible. It’s hot (yes, IN my apartment, because I’m too cheap to run the A/C 24/7). I ride my bike everywhere. Being dehydrated is no fun. Additionally, I’ve been enjoying Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss when not drinking water.

Cooking: I’ve made a lot of pizza in this first week… But something yummy I had that wasn’t pizza was a toasted asiago cheese bagel with smashed avocado + a hard boiled egg + pepper + chili powder.

Reading: The Parthenon Enigma by Joan Breton Connelly.

Playing: 2048. Always.

Enjoying: Solitude. After spending three days with my mom constantly nagging about my apartment, it’s nice to spend time alone and get my footing as a Real Adult.

Loving: My very first apartment. A Lot.

Buying: Everything Ikea. Notably my sofa-bed and bookshelf.

Marveling: At how I managed to successfully put together my dining table all by myself. Who knew I could be so handy (and follow simple directions)?

Noticing: A lot of people here are active – running, biking, walking. Like, A Lot. I have really got to try and keep up. The biking everyday helps.

Admiring: The small-town feel of the city. It’s not too big, but it’s also not too small. Walking places doesn’t seem totally daunting, although the heat doesn’t help.

Feeling: Perpetually tired. Walking and biking everywhere on top of daily yoga practice and Kayla Itsines resistance workouts every other day will do that to you, I guess.

Hearing: Nick Jonas’ Last Year Was Complicated. And Demi Lovato’s Body Say.



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