Yogi In Training

I may have mentioned it in passing before, but I have been doing a 30 day yoga challenge (this one) and just completed week one!

This isn’t my first time attempting this challenge – I actually tried to get into it last year but never made it past the first few days because I was so busy and so worn out from excavating in and exploring Greece last summer. In short, my motivation to improve my yoga practice whilst I was in a foreign country was bottomed out.

However, since moving to Michigan on my own, I’ve found a lot more time to myself. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to muster up the motivation to get on the mat every single day, but somehow I have. Whether it’s doing a video in the morning or doing one right before bed, I get it done.

So, what has this first week taught me?

Getting in touch with your breath not only promotes focus, but it also helps to relax you. It also makes some moves easier when you sync them up with your breathing.

I’m stronger than I think – and I can already tell that I’m improving a little more every day by keeping up a consistent practice and giving it my best effort every time.

Yoga makes me feel more energized in the mornings and more relaxed in the evenings.


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