Hi, internet!

My name is Nadhira and I’m a 23 year old living in Ann Arbor, MI! I grew up in Virginia and graduated from college there – Randolph-Macon College, Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa – and moved to Michigan on my own less than a month after graduation in 2016 to start graduate school in pursuit of a PhD in Classical Archaeology at the University of Michigan.

My research interests are kind of all over the place – mostly I’m interested in women in antiquity and domestic space, but I’ve also recently realized my love of language learning (I am proficient in German, ancient Greek, and Latin), ceramics and ceramic production, and ancient literature. I guess I’m what academics would call a generalist (sort of straddling the line between philology and archaeology).

My other hobbies (because I am a real, live, sort-of functioning human being) include cooking, binge-watching Netflix, reading, and yoga.